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We believe in the power of brand



Express your brand personality and become a market leader!

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There are many forms of strategy within business. We are not talking strategic design practices here.  Rather what we offer are business-brand-marketing strategy solutions. Using strategy, we clarify and amplify your brand voice and key marketing messages to your ideal audience. We find and build your competitive edge in your market, that isn’t reliant on price, but on brand attributes


Would you like expert advice for your business, but would prefer to implement by yourself? We offer consultations and workshops at an hourly rate, to empower your brand. Telling your story is important and we can offer expert advice to clarify your brand purpose, voice and story. Through that we can help you as you build your brand story. Consultations and workshops are offered on the following services.


Ostara Studio are brand builders, brand leverages and brand therapists. We believe that brand is central to a customer/ client experience, because it is the vehicle in which clients and customers connect with you. First impressions count. Your brand language counts. Branding is the first step in connecting with your clients and customers. All packages include consulting and strategy to ensure that your brand delivers its core brand message effectively.

Content Creation

Content that is creative, meaningful and consistent with your brand messaging is the goal to make an impression on your ideal audience. All content speaks as a collective in getting your messages across. Do you have quality designs, but not quality photographic visuals of your products, people or locations?


You have the perfect brand and content. Your website is phenomenal. Business cards are printed and being handed out. Yet, you are not gaining as many leads as you would like. How can you ensure that your brand is leveraged and your brand messages are shared? At Ostara, we make use of various digital platforms to grow your marketing and gain leads for your business.

Creating brand experiences that matter

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Driving meaningful brand voice and purpose

Brand  therapists, builders and leveragers


There is a major shift happening in the world. People are tired of brands who aren’t environmentally or socially conscious. They expect brands to behave better. We are not in the age of industry 3.0 any longer. Profits shouldn’t be the main reason for existence. We have now entered an age, where brands can make a positive difference in the world, impacting people, planet and profits.


Ostara is a Germanic word meaning revitalisation, spring and rebirth. It originates from the Germanic goddess Eostre, which is associated with the season of spring. Ostara Studio, a design studio and anti-agency was birthed to assist brands in transforming into this new space. Moreover, we assist brands in revitalising their approach to branding. As such, we work with purpose-driven brands and individuals who want to make a positive difference in the world and guide them to clarify and amplify their brand voices.


We use the power of branding.

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