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POSITIVITY! Taking control through positive thinking and positive action.

POSITIVITY! Taking control through positive thinking and positive action.

It’s not always easy to be positive. It’s not like I want to be a negative Nellie all the time. But positivity doesn’t work like a light switch where you turn it on and off.

In a world where too many people suffer from depression and anxiety, where there is more negative news being shared, where access to negative news is easy due to the wonderful digital age we find ourselves in, where we are constantly able to compare our digital lives with one another, where stress is at an all-time high; positivity is not exactly at the forefront of living.

BUT, at some point, a mind shift can happen.  And by no means will this mind shift be easy. It will be hard. But if you don’t want to live in constant negativity, that shift is an easy choice to make.

Positivity is all about being pro-active. It’s part of the long game you play. And it needs to be done consistently to take effect.

Even when that shift is made, and the decision to be positive is made, that switch still doesn’t want to flip over easily. Having good intentions will not get you to transition into a new world, as old patterns will stick. What we are comfortable with (regardless of how bad it might be for us), will stick.

What steps can you possibly take in such a hopeless situation? Why is it so damn difficult to be positive and maintain positive thinking?

Here are some simple ways to keep your head in the game:

  1. Be mindful.

The first steps to overcoming the slip to the comfort zone of negativity, is to catch yourself in the act. Be aware of your thinking. And stop yourself when you are deep down in a negative spiral.

  1. Take a birds-eye approach to the negative situation.

Ask yourself why you are feeling negative. Ask yourself whether this negative feeling is helping you in any way and whether you are being productive. Feelings are warranted. Every person has the right to their feeling. But getting attached for too long can have counter productive effects, making you feel more negative by the minute.

  1. If you can’t be objective, call a friend.

If you aren’t sure whether you are being too attached or subjective in a negative situation, reach out to your support system. Ask someone else what they think about the situation.

  1. Step 3 only works if you don’t have toxic friends.

Remove yourself from toxic situations, people and environments. You can’t heal in a place that has made you sick.

  1. Be pro-active.

Surround yourself with positive thinkers. Surround yourself with a workspace that excites you, and not depresses you. I like to have flowers in my office, and stick colorful quotes to my wall. The pens I use are colorful. These are all reminders for me to be positive.

  1. Be active.

Helping others to be positive is a major way to focus on positivity. I’ve stopped moaning, simply by not contributing to negative conversations, whether it be on the internet or during personal conversations. When I do see someone who is negative, I always try to encourage and be kind, rather than contribute to the whirlwind of negativity.

  1. Move on.

Accept that others won’t always take your encouragement or kindness. It’s not up to you, to change other people’s mindsets. Only they can do it. So, if they don’t respond positively, don’t take it personally. Move on. Be yourself. You do you.

  1. Be consistent.

Every day when I wake up, I say a little mantra to myself to get in the spirit of positivity. Don’t forget about your mission. Make a point to remember. On my to do list every day, I write “have positive attitude and don’t let others get you down.”

  1. Accept, forgive, love.

Not all moments of negativity are easy to get over. Sometimes hurt is hurt, and regardless of what you do, you feel negative. Forgiveness and acceptance and love will come with time. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Give yourself some TLC. Heal.

  1. Laughter is the best medicine.

A feel-good movie, a night out with good friends, playing with your dog… What makes you laugh? And how do you feel afterwards?

What does positivity do for me and my business?

  • I have more clarity when I think positively, and can make decisions more easily as I feel clearer.
  • I am more focused. I can push through a mountain of work.
  • I value myself more.
  • I value others more.
  • I am more empathetic.
  • I have more energy and feel energized for projects.
  • I can say no to projects that I know will bring negativity in my life, with ease.
  • I don’t take on terrible clients that don’t value me.
  • I build relationships based on positivity and not on complaining.
  • I can laugh at myself and the poor decisions I have made.

In a world of negatively, be the light (if you are able to).


Photo (featured image) by Caju Gomes on Unsplash

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