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Need a cocktail from your business?

Let’s just all say it: 2018 has been a tough year! Whether it has been a tough year personally, or for your business, I get you. Oh! Yes, how I get you? 😊

Normally, Spring is a time of renewal. In my case, September has been chaos. And it’s not just chaos, because of this specific month. It’s chaos because it’s been small moments of chaos right through the year, snowballing into a major big ball of chaos, ultimately forcing me to stop, think, and act differently.

Right about now a cocktail on a remote tropical beach sounds like the perfect remedy. But, just because that’s what I feel like right now, doesn’t mean I can jump in a plane straight away and feed my whim. It’s likely, that as a small business owner or freelancer, you feel the same. You have responsibilities: family, business duties, financial responsibilities, clients, deadlines, staff… When you are a small business owner, many people think that you have flexible time, and able to take a holiday whenever. And that’s simply not the case. Although you might be able to steal a Friday afternoon occasionally and leave for a weekend getaway, holidays can be a nightmare. What most don’t know is that business owners never, and I mean NEVER, switch off. That’s probably the thing I miss most about being employed by someone else.

We also have to plan holidays. When you are a one-man band, you also have to plan around clients and their projects. Most clients rely heavily on the individual representing the business when there is no one else. I’ve stopped counting the number of times hubby drags his laptop with on holidays, to be on call for his clients.

When you have a small business with a few staff members, it can be difficult as well. Although staff can be there to manage client accounts and client expectations, the planning upfront, and the consolidation afterwards can be highly stressful. I’ve been on holiday before where a client calls me, even though someone else was there to resume my responsibilities. Or a staff member phones as staff don’t always know how to solve tricky situations that weren’t part of the briefing beforehand.

Now, I’m in no way saying that employed people don’t experience these situations. There are definitely a lot of people out there getting calls on vacation. I’m just saying that ownership changes things. It increases stress levels and motivation levels. You simply have to make it work.

So, what’s the point of this blog again?

There are vendors and peers that understand what you are going through. And I find that connection at great networks most of the time. My favourite one is Nomads & Co. Last month – and trust me this is not easy to do on my part, as a perfectionist – I decided to be open and vulnerable with my fellow boss babes at Nomads. I don’t know what I subconsciously expected: judgement that my business isn’t going as well as I pretend at times? Or to hear myself talking about my insecurities? On the contrary, the Nomads, offered great advice, awesome hugs, and follow up messages to check in on me. Sometimes all you need is someone who can listen and emphasize with you. Feel free to click the link to get in contact with Nomads & Co if you want to surround yourself with caring, kick-ass bosses.

And you know, you can find your little beach moments in everyday life as well. The other day a therapist told me, “often the simplest solution is staring you right in the eye, but we only see how difficult possible solutions can be.” When you are tired, the simple answer is to sleep. When you are frustrated, the simple answer is to take a breather. When you take time “off,” you are able to re-evaluate and feel refreshed. Perhaps a light-bulb will go off when you have taken that time for yourself.

Remember, you can only experience your beach moments, by realizing you need your beach 😉 Have a happy week further! May it be inspiring, motivating and refreshing, like a tasty cocktail.

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