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5 reasons why you should fall in love with your clients

The other day I was sitting at a business event, and a gentleman announced that his business tip is to “fall in love with your clients.” Now, in no way was this intended to implore people to have romantic entanglements with clients. He was making a joke about how two attendees met and are now married and running a successful business together.

At first, I didn’t get the joke. And when I got it, I still thought, “this could be something.” It zings for me; falling in love with your clients might just be the best thing for your business.

And alas, I’m sharing it with you: 5 reasons why you should be falling in love with your clients:

Our inner world reflects our outer world

Ever heard of the idea that what you believe, you attract. I think, we all understand this. Something about our soul understands that our outer world reflects our inner world. If we can change our inner world, we could change our outer world then. BUT understanding this fundamental, doesn’t mean you get it on an execution level. I wholeheartedly understand it, but in practice it’s hella difficult.

When you are constantly dreading clients, you are attracting more dreaded clients. It’s like the cycle becomes worse each time.

So how can we make this a less airy-fairy concept about changing our lives with positive behaviour, and actually execute it to an extent where good, wonderful clients are flowing in?

Here’s the harsh truth – the problem isn’t always them. It might be you.

I had to realize this, quite harshly. When I started treating clients like they were my best clients, those clients didn’t have reason to be “bad” clients. They couldn’t fault me on service. They couldn’t argue about pricing. And all I had to do is make them feel valued. Once I started doing this, one by one, the “bad” clients fell away, and suddenly, I had an influx of good clients.

There was the occasional irrational client, but again, it didn’t affect my happiness, as those would fall away quickly when they saw me not reacting negatively to them.

Like attracts like

Ever walk around and see couples who look exactly the same? Some of them even wear the same style of outfit. I’m no different. I lurve, my best friends’ dressing style. I even like their furniture. And what I wear is very similar. We like the people in our lives, because they are similar to us. It’s natural, like attracts like.


If you are in a bad space, where you battle to afford certain services, it’s likely that you are attracting clients just like you, without realizing it. They might not be able to afford your services.

So, ask yourself, can you afford your services? If the question is no, then it’s time to think about whether your ideal target client, is the one that you are currently busy with.

Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. Loving a certain group of people, who might not be your tribe, but your ideal client, is a good way to start building relationships with your ideal clients.

Again, it’s about changing yourself. Want to attract a different “like,” than be that “like.”

Loving a rose

There is a story about what the best way is to love a rose. Plucking a rose, putting it in a vase of water and admiring it for a few days as it wilts, is not true love. Instead, growing a rose, nurturing it with sunlight, rose food and water, and letting it bloom in your garden, is true love.

And this applies to clients as well. Clients are only good for us when they are paying us. The customer service often stops right after payment. We are content with that transaction and move to the next rose to put into our vase.

But can you imagine a world where you don’t pluck your clients for money. And rather sincerely see the possibility in their business or life, when you have offered your skills to them. Let them become a rose in your abundant garden. They are more likely to return, if you show your care with sincerity.

The foundation for good customer service

When you truly love someone, you want to be a part of their lives. You want to hold them. You want to care for them.

This is sound advice for a foundation for good customer service. When you truly care about your client, you are there for them, ready with your skill set and knowledge. You create a safe space for them.

It’s also important to remember that when you love someone, you should set them free.

Similarly, if a client wants to move on, the transition will be a lot smoother for you, if you set them free. Rather than resenting them for moving to a different vendor, if you care about them, it would be easy to understand their need to move on. Perhaps it’s better for you as well. In the end, they will remember you for the customer service, right to the end.

Treat your clients like you would like to be treated

Thank my mother for this one. My mom always said that you should treat other people how you would like to be treated. And I think this is one of the many definitions of love.

In any event where a communication is toxic, get into your client’s shoes, and think about how you would like to be treated. Sometimes we get so deeply caught up in our own drama, that we might not realize what the other person might be going through.

Treating your clients with respect, is a good way to show that you care.


To conclude, clients, whether low or high clients, want the same thing – they want their vendors to care about them. In a takeaway society, no one wants to be treated like a takeaway container that is thrown to the side after a meal. People are looking for authentic connection and deeper understanding. If you can offer a 5star meal experience to your clients, you are winning in your business. They will be your greatest cheerleaders.

And to contradict myself, as life is messy, know when to let go of clients. Don’t hold onto the toxic ones. Your “love” is worth it. Sometimes we need to let go of the bad fish; it’s all about loving ourselves as well.

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