About - Ostara Studio
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Brand therapists, builders, leveragers

About Ostara Studio


There is a major shift happening in the world. People are tired of brands who aren’t environmentally or socially conscious. They expect brands to behave better. We are not in the age of industry 3.0 any longer. Profits shouldn’t be the main reason for existence. We have now entered an age, where brands can make a positive difference in the world, impacting people, planet and profits.


Ostara is a Germanic word meaning revitalisation, spring and rebirth. It originates from the Germanic goddess Eostre, which is associated with the season of spring. Ostara Studio, a design studio and anti-agency was birthed to assist brands in transforming into this new space. Moreover, we assist brands in revitalising their approach to branding. As such, we work with purpose-driven brands and individuals who want to make a positive difference in the world and guide them to clarify and amplify their brand voices.


One of our core approaches is connection. Brands only work because of people. Customers and clients are people. We use our skills to create brands that connect meaningfully with your ideal target market. It’s all about building meaningful relationships with your stakeholders, and brand is used to facilitate that relationship.


We build purpose-driven brands. We connect brand to customers and clients. We leverage those brands using meaningful brand and marketing strategies. Strategy, consulting, branding, content creation, and marketing is used to build and leverage your brand.


Driving meaningful brand voice and purpose, using what we are good at: strategy, creativity and passion.

We use the power of branding

principle brand strategist, creative catalyst and lead designer of Ostara Studio

Meet Liz

The vision, passion, and drive behind Ostara Studio, Liz is a dedicated and enthusiastic entrepreneur, whose abilities and skills reach far beyond functional expertise. Her strong leadership, extraordinary attentiveness, intuition and sensitivity to sense into the core essence of a business, as well as the developments in the external environment, complemented with expertise and experience in business intelligence, enable her to transform businesses into brand powerhouses.


Her leadership skills were already noticed when she was one of only two participants selected from South Africa to attend a leadership course at Harvard University during her grade 12 year. Starting her career with studies in fine art, the studies of humanities appealed to her. Upon completion of a bachelor degree in Anthropology and Visual Art History at UCT, she explored expressing her talents in graphic design, user experience design, arts tutoring and office administration. In the ensuing years, she became the marketing coordinator for a renowned local cosmetic, skin care and hair care brand. Within this very interesting brand portfolio she launched a skin care range from packaging to marketing strategy. During her time working as marketing coordinator, she also contributed projects within website development, product development, a marketing television show, product photography and digital marketing. It was during her time there that the vision of a prolific marketing and design agency was birthed. True to her entrepreneurial and creative nature, she subsequently launched multiple small businesses, and finally, Ostara Studio.

Ostara Studio was born from passion and people. Organizations are all about people. Without people, organizations cannot succeed. It is this recipe that serves as the foundation for Liz’s approach to Ostara Studio clients. The Ostara Studio team, guided by Liz, offers unique strategies from fresh, revitalised perspectives that will result in lead generation, engagement and transaction. It’s all about connection – connection to people.


With a zest for life, Liz uses her skillset in strategic brand management to organizations. She offers guidance on business intelligence and branding on her YouTube channel, as she believes in exchanging and sharing insights and wisdom. She has authored a book on the transition process from part time hustles to full time careers. She is a mentee of the Cherie Blair Foundation, and is completing an honours degree in strategic brand communications through Vega. Always upskilling, she ensures that she is able to bring relevant, current, and the best quality of advice and skills to her clients. Additionally, with artistic specialities in graphic design, illustration and photography in combination with her unique position on brand strategy, brand analysis and business intelligence, she is able to guide her creative, strategic and logistics team on strong impactful, executable and fruitful strategy. Her vision is to be able to connect clients to their points of differentiation in a meaningful, creative way, leading them to ideal lead generation and meaningful connection.