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Professional Corporate Portrait Photography in JHB

Professional corporate portrait photography: it’s about brand perception

When a brand comes to you with the request for professional corporate portrait photography for the staff and management team, it is no simple photography job. Potential clientele see corporate portraits as a way to get to know vendors. It makes a corporate team more accessible. This influences brand perceptions. When Ostara Studio looks at doing corporate portraits, we look at the brand values and brand message. Hence, we ask, “how do you want to be perceived by your clients”?

A day with Hospitality and Leisure

In this case, Hospitality and Leisure, an insurance underwriter for the hospitality industry, required professional portraits of their staff. Staff were to look professional and uniform. Therefore they wore professional white branded shirts, with a pop of red. The outfit was reminiscent of the brand colours. The Ostara team were briefed on what H&L stands for, and what type of photography the brand expected from the shoot.

Liz Bharo, the head photographer, went to the H&L offices, with her team and equipment. The team set up in one of the boardrooms in 15 minutes. Liz chose a palette of neutral grey. Grey is a colour that represents trust and neutrality. Trust is a focus of the H&L brand. After set up, staff members entered into the mock studio. Some entered nervously. Others were more enthused. Liz encouraged authentic smiles and asked each staff member about their position at H&L.

As a result, smiles came though naturally. The friendly H&L team loved to talk about their positions. Most noteworthy, that smiles are a true reflection of the customer experience treatment of H&L. As a result of the H&L brand values, staff members treat clients with friendliness, respect and care.

Professional corporate portrait photography is not only about photography. It is about understanding a brand and a brand’s values and communicating it visually for potential customers to see.  Therefore Ostara Studio ensures that we look at your brand with open eyes.

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