Ostara is a strategic and personalized design studio for businesses. Our aim is to create thought-provoking and impactful designs targeted at your target market, that will grow your business and enhance your brand value. We offer a custom boutique experience to our clients and consult intimately with you to ensure that you are able to capitalize on your brand.

Studio Corporate Portraits

Studio Corporate Portraits: how does it work?

Professional studio corporate portraits is a must for professionalism. However, who has the time to send staff to a studio to get it done? When Ostara Studio looks at doing corporate portraits, we look at how to simplify the process as much as possible. Hence, we ask, “what do you need and how does it suite you”?

Portrait photography can be simple. Let us do it all. We will book a qualified makeup artist and hair stylist. We will book the studio.Your team has to show up for a dedicated hour each, spread throughout a half day, full day or two days depending on the size of your team. It’s a spoil session for your team. They feel fabulous, and as a result your content will look fabulous.