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Website Design and Development on WordPress

Once every while a visionary comes to Ostara Studio, with big dreams and big ideas. As a result, we have to stretch our creative brains, and create websites that push boundaries. How does Ostara Studio do Website Design and Development on WordPress?

Enter: Joy Planet, a division of Joy Generation:

Hannelie Venucia from the Joy Generation approached Ostara Studio with flair and energy. Consequently, translating that energy seemed to be a momentous task. Hannelie, who works in the area of personal development, did not want a traditional website. She wanted a website that would show personal development as fun.

Therefore, we created a site that is playful, almost childlike in nature. The website came to life with pops of colour and custom illustrations. It looks like a picture from a children’s illustrated book.

This was a step-by-step process, due to the large nature of this project. We started with the logo brief (which is discussed in an alternative post). And we moved into the website. We were briefed on the products and services, Our process relied on artwork proof confirmations, check in meetings and content chasing. All the hard work resulted in a thorough yet playful website.

Website Design and Development on WordPress:

Why did we choose WordPress for Hannelie? WordPress is fantastic for best SEO practices. WordPress has a user-friendly CMS or content management system. This means that clients with a budget, are able to manage content themselves.

In this case, Hannelie, as the principal joy generator, needs to be able to update her content with authenticity.

Additionally, as the website is visual, and Hannelie is visual, the benefits of WordPress being visual also adds to the user experience.